Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is a relatively new option for homeowners hoping to add beauty, privacy, and security to their homes. Because of its many advantages, vinyl yard fences are increasing in popularity.


Initially, vinyl fencing came in just one color—white. Today, however, there are so many different colors and “grains” of vinyl fencing available that you’re bound to find one that perfectly complements the appearance of your home.


Not all vinyl fences are privacy fences, but if you need a yard fence that provides complete concealment from outsiders, then vinyl is a good choice. Unlike wooden fences, vinyl privacy fences come in panels which are bonded together, so that no outside light (or eyes) can get in. These panels also provide a good sound barrier, so that your outside patio or swimming pool area is more peaceful.


Because vinyl does not deteriorate like wood and does not attract pesky insects, it does not require any sort of sealant, staining, or painting. Unlike metal, vinyl is also resistant to rust. Many busy homeowners appreciate the fact that there is little or no maintenance required to keep their vinyl fence standing beautifully.

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Excited about choosing the perfect vinyl pattern for your new yard fence? Call Family Fences today, and we’ll help you decide!

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