Wood Fencing

Wood Fencing

Wooden fences are among the most popular choices for those who desire a fencing option that is both attractive and provides a great deal of privacy. Because of the many different types of stains and designs available, wooden fences can also be extremely customizable. No matter what kind of wooden fence you choose, you and your family will enjoy a variety of different benefits.


A wooden privacy fence can create the perfect balance between safety and freedom, making it an ideal choice for families with children as well as those wishing to entertain guests in a more intimate setting. Wooden fences can easily be installed on slopes and hills, making it possible to fence in your entire yard if you wish.


There is a certain classic charm associated with a beautiful wooden fence. While there are many other fence ideas to choose from, wooden fences are a good choice for homes with beautiful landscaping or flower gardens as they serve to complement this natural look.


While some homeowners dislike the upkeep associated with wooden fences, others don’t mind the occasional re-stain or wooden fence repair, and these are usually inexpensive fixes. It’s true that with a little care and attention from time to time, your wooden fence can remain vibrant for decades to come.

When you contract with Family Fences, your wooden fence will be even more durable. Why? Because we use screws, not nails, to build your fence, making it much stronger and less likely to deteriorate over time. If a wooden fence is the best choice for your family, then be sure to choose the best contractor for the job. Call Family Fences today!

Wood Fence Examples

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